Covid-19 Diary Entry 5-14-20

Journal Entry 5-14-20

Today was a lazy morning of napping. Later in the day, I worked. I read more of the divine comedy before work and it really is interesting, but much of it will need rereading. I am yet to understand the reason for eternal torment for the sins these people in hell have committed. Not that they haven't done bad things, but eternal torment? Really? To have demons whipping you and making you march around. I don't know, but it all seems a bit much.


However, I do understand it's a big metaphor for something about life. Perhaps it's a metaphor for our legacy we leave behind when we die? However, we are on earth is how we will be remembered forever. Which is interesting thinking within the context of how we tend to exaggerate the goodness of our friends and family that have passed? I mean we rarely ever hear the honest truth about people, but maybe it's important to note in the metaphor that the truth will be your final judgment.


To commit fraud is one of the first sins in the 8th circle of hell.

Fraud: wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.

There are many in today's extra-capitalist society to which are guilty of fraud for their fortunes. Perhaps those close to them and they themselves will know the truth, but many are none the wiser to their sins. This is touched upon in the book that Dante has his views on each person more discriminantly when he knows them personally. While they are being punished amongst their sinful peers, Dante points out these specific people out and airs their sinful deeds for the reader to know.


I suppose we can't know the truth until the truth is given to us. We are biased against those we know the most. Sometimes those that we don't know are still deserving of the same punishments as those we do know. We're not all good people, and neither are we all bad. Yet there seems to be a contingent declaration made upon someone's judgment by those closest to them, be it their enemy or lover. At the end of the day, only you and God and his angels know the truth of your life. It's much easier to start reasoning now rather than later.


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