Covid-19 Diary Entry 6-27-20

Journal Entry 6-27-20


While reading the Divine Comedy Canto 29, I ended up writing these following notes:

"Had you known what I was seeking you might perhaps have given me permission to stay longer" - Dante

A guilty Conscience leads to shameful behavior.

Those in Hell would like to share their shame.



- yourself by leaving behind those destined for a worse fate even if you were once of the same blood and kin. You have more worthy matters to attend to.

Following your naturalistic impulses like an ape will lead to Hell.

Credit-money is alchemy.

Alchemy of coins and falsification of money is a sin.

Creditors are modern-day alchemists.

Credit-money was invented to replace alchemy.


Update on Covid-19:

10 million + worldwide cases

over 500,000 dead reported.


Thinking Differently,


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