Covid-19 Diary Entry 6-5-20

I'm looking at changing things up in life. I recently just had the experience of damaging a customer's vehicle so I'm out for $1,000, but I figure that was gonna happen sooner or later in the business.


But what I mean is that I want to drop alcohol and other substances like nicotine completely, and go full force into this business. These things tend to hold me back in times where I think it will relax me, but it usually does the opposite. 


I know a lot of people don't believe I can make it happen and I want to prove them wrong. It's interesting that this vengeful emotion can have brought so much motivation to be disciplined. 


I heard in a video (Frank Gehry MasterClass video lesson) the other week that on the days you want to work the least you can't use it as an excuse to not work. I think he was saying this in reference to writer's block type issues. I agree with this.


In terms of the protests lately, there were over 2,000 here in San Diego and many more nationwide. In fact, all 50 states have had protests which is rare. There are many concerns over the coronavirus and these protests, and I guess we'll see in a couple weeks what the damage is. Many are speculating Covid-19 is over, but I think it's just doing its rounds in South America and will come back up with immigration and traveling from tourists, etc.


We'll be hitting 400,000 deaths tomorrow, but who knows what the actual number is. The news is still all over the place with what's a good rule to follow and what is hearsay. Hmm that's all for today. Oh but I'll still drink coffee and the occasional energy drink lol.


Thinking Differently,


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