Covid-19 Diary Entry 7-6-20

Journal Entry 7-6-20


We had the 4th of July holiday come and go. No fireworks were technically allowed...strange. What gives me hope is that a large part of LA County set off fireworks despite this order. The past few days I've been on a type of stay-cation. It was nice for a little bit, but a part of me missed the outdoor work of car detailing. I really desire sunlight and being outside, and if I don't get it I seem to get more irritable.


I went to the beach with my girlfriend yesterday and it was interesting that no one at the beach was wearing their mask. It seems that people don't believe the virus can spread outdoors which may or may not be true, I'm not sure.


The more I read the more it seems this virus can affect other ethnicities more than others. I'll update more tomorrow.


Thinking Differently,


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