Covid-19 Diary Entry 8-14-20

Journal Entry 8-14-20


So soon after today I will be moving into my new apartment. We'll see where that whole adventure entails.


As for my thoughts...I've been thinking about the psychological effects of COVID-19. It's strange because many others in the world or perhaps the majority of others in the world deal with things worse than what we're experiencing in America.


We might benefit by open discourse, but definitely by comedy. It's strange to acknowledge how effective comedy is in stabilizing society. You would imagine that the average philosopher would have more of an effect, however, the average philosopher does not have the reach of a famous comedian.


More so, is it possible for a philosopher to have the same reach as a famous comedian in today's society? This is something that I am testing. It seems as if the college experience is dead. The social imperative is dissuaded. Where might we turn for social exposure?


Thinking Differently,


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