Hanging Between Two Thieves

This year has been interesting to say the very least. To say the most? It has been a vaccuous redemption of power in the minds of the powerful and flippant reminder of subordination for those that are less.

Personally I feel like I'm hanging between two thieves. 

It seems that the modern world has forgotten what humanity is. We have become fake and clout based and favor attention over substance or real value.I seek to change this one day, but it seems that if I am to accomplish my goal then there is much more suffering to be had on this road. Just talking in this way seems so dark and pessimistic, but it's the reality of the modern world, maybe even existence itself. The beauty and divinity in it all is that we can prevail, and that's why my statement of a long road of suffering ahead is not to be taken with a negative stance but rather a hopeful one. I liken existence on earth to be that of Purgatory rather than Hell. A hopeful hell...


Going into Christmas, I am thankful for all that I have and the family that surrounds me. Although the world may make it feel like we are hanging between two thieves who seek to betray, decieve, and steal, we can always find a path for ourselves to completeness and wholeness. Continue to think differently.



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