Money is Evil

Money constitutes the beginning and end of some people's career and I believe that if we let it control us rather than allow it to amplify the good we put forth, we can be swallowed by its evil. Money personifies who we are. It gives our actions more power and reach.

The Pursuit of Money is a Dangerous Game

When we devote our intentions in life from using money to purely getting money, we begin to lose sight of who we are. Much like a drug addiction, getting money can be an addiction. You begin to love money and see it as a source of power. Real power comes from within though, and you can't buy it. This is the character within all of us, and just because someone is narcissistic or in a position of power doesn't mean they are powerful. You must be able to control yourself, to gain power of yourself first before you can venture out into the realms of being wealthy.

Money Ruins Relationships

What some people don't realize is that when you begin to love money more and more, you begin to forget about the things in life that you once cherished. Rather you should focus on your relationships with others as those are what matter most. Use your money for good, or get out before it consumes you. Continue to think differently.



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