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So today marks this first day of December and a very busy month for what I have planned. While the election seems to have fraud written all over it I'm trying to focus more on my own goals as I can't lose sight of the bigger picture (atleast the bigger picture in my opinion). I have started using my very own blog posts I've been writing for the past 6 months or so to compile a matrix of data on how my personality has been changing and marking the dates along this matrix with correlating significant events in my life. I hope to have this data compiled within the next month.

This is in the attempt to piece together a very alpha level prototype of what is possible with data backed therapy/coaching. This could open the door to a lot of new developments and possibly potential funding by aquiring new clients. I'm hopeful for the month ahead and I've made good progress on the goals I have thus far. This month will be interesting with finals coming as well, but all should go well, and if not I will restrategize as I always do. Thinking differently.



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