Nuclear Family, Fear, and Love

What I wonder is if these rifts between liberal and conservative should exist more on a micro level as a solution or substitute for societal ideologies. If the nuclear family is revived on a societal level perhaps these pendulum swings of conservative and liberal values can be managed by say a husband and a wife. Perhaps the German generation preceding the rise of nazism had a broken family system whereas Jews generally maintained a good family structure that was supported by their church that could withstand economic depression? Not to say Judaism is the solution but as a hierarchical structure of beliefs that when the husband fails, belief takes its place, when the wife fails, the children fill in that place to all support one another. Perhaps love is bottom-up support and fear is top-down. The archetypal masculine figure goes out into the world and faces the unknown with the basis of conquering fear. The archetypal feminine figure absorbs what comes home and faces this fear with a support structure of love. Whatever comes home is loved and whatever is outside home is conquered. If what is outside the home isn’t conquered and allowed to infect the home, chaos and fear becomes loved and nurtured? Just spit-balling...


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