Sauna’s are Great

Covid-19 Journal Entry 9-1-20


Today I lost the words to describe how I’m feeling about this whole situation. It was weird to say the least. 


It seems that the stress coming from everything with the pandemic is something that must be addressed. I purchased a portable sauna system that I keep in my bedroom in the corner. It is strange that I have it just sitting here, but the convenience of having it can not be overstated. I love the feeling of going from a 100 degree sauna with 100% humidity for 25 minutes straight into an ice cold shower. WOW! It really wakes you up and allows you to breath more easily. 


Interestingly I have been reading the book Aion by Carl Jung. I’m currently on page 20, and I’ve already had seemingly 3 existential crises. Jung is a powerful philosopher of psychology and his words resonate so deeply that as psychologist Jordan Peterson says, it truly is terrifying. I’m learning so much about myself it’s difficult at times to read just for the sake of learning. However, that’s not to say it’s not a good book, in fact I’m saying it’s an earth shatteringly amazing book. 


For the overall collective consciousness of society today, it seems that people are still unsure. Seeing people is almost a rare event it seems at times. Atleast that’s how it seems by the looks in peoples’ eyes as we pass by on an empty street. It seems that everyone is trying their best to adapt though and that’s a new observation I’ve made that everyone really is trying their hardest to adapt. Professors are restructuring their lectures and classes, students are jumping between learning platforms trying to study with others virtually. 


In other news my financial aid hold has been lifted and I should be receiving the disbursement of funds any day now which is exciting to say the least. The peace of mind of which will surely motivate me to cut back on work hours and focus more on my WPD ventures which are going really well. I’ve outlined the basic structure of how I want to counsel my clients and researched what I need to learn in order to complete the data analysis. I’ve got a lot of software in the works and it seems that although it won’t be a fully functional app on your phone any time soon in terms of months, it still is making great progress and hopefully it will lead to more money coming in with less sweat and waxing. 


So far things are going good, it seems the more I think about the stress and confusion of today’s world, the more I get stressed and confused. It seems the only winning move in this era of insanely fast paced news cycles is just not to play. I will try to find solace in my sauna, my boxing, my work, and my books. Thankfully Norma is being very understanding of everything and I can’t wait for her to see how things are coming together. It’s difficult at times to explain why I’m doing the things I’m doing today in order to setup for a better future. It’s difficult to explain the grand strategy of it all, but I trust myself in so much as the current moves I’ve made. 


My stress in these things is to just not mess it up.


Thinking DIfferently,


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