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Why Propaganda Works

Propaganda has been around since the dawn of man...since humans have desired others to think a way that is beneficial to their goals and objectives. It dates back thousands of years in human history, and it still corrupts our nations today. The major difference is the mediums of communication that have provided bad actors to reach a global audience from their computer. This allows them to reach into every single person's home if they have an electronic device connected to the internet. This allows for extremely effective propaganda campaigns by the likes of data analytics companies like Cambridge Analytica that advertises that it "has up to 5000 data points on over 230 million individual American consumers". This allows them to have "conducted behavioral change programs in over 60 countries".

How Propaganda Works

This is a disturbing lack of oversight or regulation and the vast psychoanalytic data gave way to segmentation analysis which "is the process of dividing potential markets or consumers into specific groups".

Market Segmentation Chart Graph

This allows marketers to fix three key issues according to the Harvard Business Review:

1. In today’s economy, each brand appears to sell effectively to only certain segments of any market and not to the whole market."

2. Sound marketing objectives depend on knowledge of how segments which produce the most customers for a company’s brands differ in requirements and susceptibilities from the segments which produce the largest number of customers for competitive brands.

3. Traditional demographic methods of market segmentation do not usually provide this knowledge. Analyses of market segments by age, sex, geography, and income level are not likely to provide as much direction for marketing strategy as management requires.

This is potentially dangerous to our humanitarian progress as now people can be seen as simply values on a psychographic chart. It allows for artificial intelligence to expedite this process and abuse human innocence.

Marketers are tasked with engaging with leads with the right product at the right time especially with personalized outreaches which were found to be 14 percent more effective. Social media plays a major role in data mining that allows this to happen. With Twitter, you can get "the user's bio blurb, website URL, number of followers, list of people he or she follows and location". With Facebook you can retrieve data about your page's fans, people reached and people engaged. These vast databases are comprised over many years of billions of people inputting their information about them, their opinions on social issues, their values or religious beliefs. All of this is crucial to marketers who are trying to be more effective with their dollars.

Why Propaganda Matters To You

While it may not be obviously bad for companies to segment their users and sell their data to advertisers, the real danger lies in the political ammunition this data gives to alter elections and nations that might not want those changes. A government is meant to represent its people and their needs or desires. With certain interest groups wanting to distract you from their failings or to persuade you to fall on one side of the aisle, they start to gain power over you. World Power Designs is about letting yourself be empowered by what YOU want, not what the world wants from you. Wars have been started from propaganda and elections have been won, but you don't have to listen to it. The best way to avoid being influenced is to shut off some of the noise from your life. Be more cognizant of your surroundings, and always attempt to be more aware of what's happening in the world around you. Follow your gut instinct and don't be afraid or greedy. Most importantly, continue to think differently.


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