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Artificial Intelligence

One of the largest issues facing our nation is the rise of artificial intelligence. Many wonder how this could be an issue with moves like terminator placing an unrealistic picture of what dangerous artificial intelligence looks like. Instead, dangerous artificial intelligence has already begun. It has been birthed in the way of neural networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. These large databases of data that humans have willingly uploaded to this concentrated data analysis firms have done untold damage to our society already.

Our Phones Are Dangerous

Our phones are extensions of ourselves. We store our memories in our phones that are available to access in just a few clicks. The difference between your brain's memory and your phone is that your phone has near perfect memory. This is dangerous because we are being augmented to trust and adore technology. All the while this technology is learning more and more about us, we are learning less and less about the technology. The average citizen knows almost nothing about how a phone or computer functions, or even how cloud storage works. These social networks are really just vast datasets filled with nodes that are each person. Psychographic analysis can then segment our society into ratings and scores. This has been done already. Our society has been segmented and now the A.I. these companies have created can analyze this data and make predictions on human behavior.


The Age Of Data

Every day our data becomes more comprehensive and useful and it's going too far. Compare to 30 years ago, hardly anyone had computers. Now we have advanced computers in our pockets. This has completely changed the playing field. Now we have a device that knows everything about us down to our voice and even fingerprint. At what point is this going too far? At what point should there be legislation to regulate this growing tech field? I believe it’s already far surpassed that point. We are at a stage where technology is snowballing. If we don’t make sure that technology remains part of ourselves, it will separate and become its own entity. This is dangerous for society because then we will have created life and consciousness that is 1,000 times smarter than us. Oedipus will look like a playground conflict compared to the psychological damage that will rain mental illness like never seen before down onto our nations and sweep us away.

The Issue With Humans & Technology

The issue is humans by and large lack self-control. We can’t help ourselves from seeing how the narcissistic and addictive nature of social media is actually harmful to our happiness. We are all seeking the easiest way to adoration and affection that we are unknowingly creating a monster. We have to stop. Think about the repercussions of these technologies people. Let’s continue to think differently.


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