Attack to Focus

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It's difficult to focus on tasks in life. With much of the world demanding our attention, we find ourselves lacking the self-control to defend ourselves. However, as the saying goes, the best defense is a great offense.

What Does Attack to Focus Mean?

Attack to Focus means utilizing the fight or flight system inside us to instigate the fight response when trying to accomplish a task. At times we will feel helpless when faced with a daunting task and we sometimes freeze. This is the fight or flight system injecting cortisol (stress hormone) into our bloodstream which hinders epinephrine (adrenaline) from doing its job properly in protecting us. In today's world, we don't have the need to hunt for our food or lay traps. Instead our hunting today is office work. This is where we have to think differently about our work. We work to earn money, to buy food, to eat, to not starve, to live. Hence, why it is imperative that when we are losing focus we look at our task as if we were hunting a deer. If we do not get that deer, our lives are at risk, or worse, our family's life is at risk. We have to find a purpose in keeping ourselves alive and this is how we do it. By taking advantage of our evolutionary traits, we can trick fear into being a tool.


How to Utilize These Mental Tools

So, the big question is how do we actually put this into practice? This starts with self-awareness and change management. Click here to learn change management methods. By being self-aware and ever cognizant of our emotional self, we can monitor ourselves for irrational behavior.

When we begin to notice a shortness of breath, a tensing of our jaw, an increase in anxiety, these are signs we are undergoing the fight or flight response.

At this moment, relax, (Click here for meditation guide) and think about your emotion.


Let the thoughts enter your mind, and really allow what is causing you to stress to be laid out as a thought in your head. So if you're afraid of not meeting a deadline, admit it to yourself. Say in your head "I am afraid of not meeting the deadline for this". With this, then take a deep breath in from your mouth, and then exhale through your mouth while thinking about the thought of the deadline. Make sure to do this several times until you feel peace and tranquility. Then look at the task at hand, and say to yourself in your head "I must attack this".

Anger is a very good motivating tool and if we can use our anger to focus our epinephrine to attacking the task, we are more likely to be able to focus.

This won't be possible all of the time, but it sure helps in getting progress done. Progress is the key to success. Baby steps, slow and steady, we will succeed if we can focus our will, open our hearts, and open our mind by continuing to think differently.


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