5 Benefits of Exercise


Exercise is an activity that's been around since organisms have existed. Its benefits are bountiful and it is critical to our mental stability and overall elevated happiness to engage in exercise regularly. Here's a brief review of the science behind why:

Keywords: aging, physical exercise, lifespan, exercise programme, happiness

Aging reduction.

Aging is a complex process that happens mainly because of genomic instability, telomere attrition, epigenetic alterations, a loss of proteostasis, deregulated nutrient sensing, mitochondrial dysfunction, cellular senescence, stem cell exhaustion, and altered intercellular communication (Rebelo-Marques, et. al.). Exercise makes our genomes more stable and in turn reduced DNA methylation in 238 out of 387 genes according to researchers (Rebelo-Marques, et. al.). 

Increased Happiness.

Results of one study on 120 male and female volunteers "showed that an 8-week group physical exercise programme was significantly effective in older adults’ happiness" (Khazee-pool, et. al.). Results of another study examining the effects of exercise on male students found that "there was a significant improvement of happiness, physical symptoms, depression and impaired social functioning and general health indexes" (Gatab and Pirhayti).

Better Bones.

One study found that regular high impact exercise combined with running can improve hip bone density (Babatunde and Forsyth). Continued exercise can increase the propensity of bone health.

Improved Brain Health.

"Physical activity—unstructured and structured—is a promising, cost-effective strategy for the promotion of brain health" (Barha, et. al.)

Gives You Better Sleep.

It is widely known that exercise increases the quality of sleep. One study found "that exercise at 7 a.m. produced the greatest improvements in sleep quality compared to the other two workout times" (6).


Conclusions: exercise is a great way to add balance to our lives in a healthy way. It adds discipline to our routine and allows us to become better people. Continue to think differently.


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