Benefits of Gratitude

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Gratitude can be shown to have mental health benefits, and many scholars have conducted studies that back up this claim and explain how to show gratitude in everyday life. Scholar Michael Craig Miller M.D. states in the Harvard Health Commentaries these following benefits of displaying gratitude:

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Benefits of Displaying Gratitude:

  • Relish good experiences
  • Feel more positive emotion (Click on emotion for more research on emotion)
  • Improve their health (Click on health for more research on health)
  • Deal with adversity
  • Build strong relationships

    One of the most important notes is that you can practice gratitude until you get these benefits! What's stopping you from becoming a better person? You have it in you, and you can slowly make those around you happier and appreciate you more.

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    Things You Can Do To Practice Gratitude:

    Try to make these a constant part of your life in your journey to becoming a more well-rounded person. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and remember to continue to think differently.

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