5 Step Morning Routine

How To Make The Best Morning Routine For Ourselves

Morning Routines are hard to keep consistent, however once implemented effectively, they can change our workflow and time management drastically. Personally, I have undergone waking up at 4:00 AM every day to see what it would do for me. What I found was that I am more energetic, I get more than double the tasks completed in a day than before. Let's see the different ways to change your routine that could possibly make us more efficient with our time:


Morning Routine Ideas: paraphrased by College Athletics And The Law

1. Identify what matters most.

Choose 3 typical "highest value activities" that we want to include in our morning routine. Here are some categories to think about: nurturing career, family, and self. If we find that we don't have enough time for something we can consider starting at sunrise?

2. Notice your willpower.

Every morning we wake up recharged, assuming we've gotten enough sleep. We all have 168 hours a week, but not all of those hours are the same. We should put high-priority tasks that require a lot of energy and willpower to accomplish first in our daily routine. It is easy to talk ourselves out of starting and/or finishing challenging tasks towards the end of our day.

 3. Track your time.

A great way to see where our time is actually going is by completing a time log. Even just doing this for a day can help us see where we can make improvements in our schedule. If we notice what priorities are being lost during the day, we can reprioritize them to be done first thing in the morning. Consider doing this with a trusted friend and getting a more objective an unbiased opinion from them on your schedule.

4. Use a habit tracker.

A habit tracker is a great way to see the concrete evidence of our time usage so that we can analyze and empower ourselves to change our morning routine. To do this, create a list of 3 things that you want to do during your mornings. Then draw out a grid for every day of the week and mark an "x" in the corresponding box every time you complete a task.

I'm going to give you this link to a free, printable daily habit tracker

5. Balance consistency and flexibility.

The best morning routines allow us to live a consistent yet flexible life. Things happen, and sometimes we have to adjust or adapt to changing circumstances. We should allow ourselves the freedom of flexibility in case life throws a curveball our way.


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