Boomers and Responsibility



Boomers were raised by a hurt class of people who just wanted to work. There were the wealthy that were already working on their businesses during the world wars and great depression. The boomers saw this, and decided work was the way to go. They decided it was the most important way to reach happiness. They largely ignored tradition and their children, became hippies, and fought against everything their parents fought for. The boomers got lucky and were raised in vast amounts of wealth where even an 18 year old could live on their own working one part time job as a lower to middle class worker. They have destroyed culture in the sense that while the nuclear family was strong during their upbringing, they did not actually have a focus on it, because they were trying to live up to the expectations of their parents who did so much for them (who also neglected their kids for a sizable portion of families). So in turn boomers inevitably destroyed American tradition and culture, and now culture has become hyper inflated. There are now 3 stratas of classes.



Upper Class - Culture tools of the elite, and services them directly (lawyers, accountants, business owners that supply elite businesses)

Middle Class - White collar workers for the upper class (small business owners, office jobs like insurance, etc.). These people assist the assistants of the upper and upper middle class.

Lower Class - Blue collar workers for the middle class. Restuarant workers, and manual labor, etc.


This is not to say that boomers are to blame for everything. Anyone who has been alive during the past 80 years who hasn't actively worked to correct our culture to embrace the family, and encourage hard work, but work that is ethical and righteous, is guilty. This is based on the philosophy of alexander sholzentisn, who accepted responsibility for his circumstances because he played into the system instead of realizing he had a responsibility to awaken to how crooked it all was, and that he must work to fix it. All generations should take responsibility and do their part to make things better. Continue to think differently.



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