Conquer Your Fears

Focus. Reasoning. Discipline. Heart. 



Without these what would be of our mental capacities? We would have nothing to show for our great talents that have chiseled us into the people we are today. Why not live life with no worries? We grow too old too fast and we watch the skies as we stay on the ground. Be where you never thought you would be. Think about what you always thought you would think. Shout at the top of your lungs demanding action and turning a blind eye to excuses and noise in life’s violently personal requital. You are obliged to no one. You must be loyal to only your morals and your life. Don’t remain silent. Remain vigilant. Address your conflicts with certainty and confidence. Divest and distort your short-comings and deliver all of yourself with no remorse. We work because we have to, not because we want to. However, what we all do want is a quest, a life purpose. Let that be the north star that guides you to your goals and through your struggles. If only Adam held purpose with one hand and morals in his other might we have proof that a human can be perfect?



The fact points to the contrary. We must not squirm with anxiety our entire lives looking up to immortal comic book hero's and when we enter a world with only our limited two hands, stubby two feet, immobile two eyes, lying two ears, fat one tongue, and uncontrollable one brain. Our brain paints a beautiful smoke and mirror of the world around us. Relatively speaking, however, we are as blind as bats in the daylight. We can see no farther than what our minds will let us see. For this reason, simply rejoice. While ignorance is surely not bliss, knowledge is not power. Both alchemists and kings die on the same rock we call Earth. We are subjected to the same rules as any earth-worm in the mud. We are only as entropic as our bodies allow us to move.



The brain is highly efficient, and it can think as long as it wants, but it will never consume the same energy as a well-tested arm or leg muscle. This is because we can physically change things with our arms and legs. You can’t change your life until you physically put energy forward and release as much of it for as long and intense as possible. You never know when your day will suddenly become your last day. Let go of this grief and build comfort around the uncomfortable. Love pain as much as you love pleasure. For, if we had no pain, there would be no such thing as pleasure. Do not abandon the ones who are not quite there yet, let yourself now be that person’s north star and guide them to a better way without judgment. Those who are lost already have sufficient judgment in the aroma of intense insecurity that could last two lifetimes. For those lost in spirit, are subsequently then lost in mind. We can’t die without a fight so for our battle to gain traction in life we sprawl out in as many directions as possible. It’s human nature. It’s the whole concept that holds a large part of biology together that natural selection occurs by a species mutating, or trying different paths, to see which path leads them to contentment. Who are we to decide what is best for nature? We aren’t built for perfection. We seemingly strive to be creation’s creator. As we topple over ourselves to become ever closer to being God’s backstabbing advisor, we are held back by those who’s actions portray a cynically stupid animal that wants to drag the innocent down six feet under. These people take innocence from others just how the assailant’s innocence was taken from them in previous years. Focus. Reasoning. Discipline. We have almost gotten to all the points, but there is one point remaining: Heart.



We follow our moral code in most situations, but in some we are afraid. In some, we are triggered into fight or flight and in some, the flight takes over. What are flames to a fireman, but just an obstacle? Fear is just experiencing fake pain from the future. Firemen feel enough pain as it is, so that’s not the hard part. The hard part is dealing with fear. Fear will kill Heart. Fear will become hell. Fear does not go away. It simply fades into the background waiting until another dangerous situation arises. Fear destroys reasoning. Fear destroys discipline. This is why it is so important to World Power Designs to provide a different mindset. We are working to Focus with all our Heart and all the Discipline our morals will give us for Reasoning with our urges or instincts. We recognize that these four characteristics are responsible for earning the ability to exert power over your Fear. With that in mind, continue to think differently.


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