Covid-19 Diary Entry 3-25-20


Journal entry 3/25/20


Today the numbers grew from 400,000 to 470,000. Most people are taking this seriously but it’s hard to tell though when we’re stuck inside all day. I recently won $250 from my entrepreneurship program and am using the money to buy a 50 gallon water tank for my auto detailing business. I just have to order a water pump and ball point valve. I’m starting to think getting the water tank will be used for other purposes…I’m trying to maintain a semblance of normal life by working out and writing/reading anything I can. I have moved back into my mother’s house but still am paying rent for my apartment by school. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pay rent next month especially as things are expected to get much worse and things are already bad as they are. I honestly think things are going to be really really bad, but it just means someone will have to step up and lead our world in survival. Mom has been coughing more lately, and my eyes have been itchy. Still have my sense of smell (that apparently is a symptom of having the virus).  I don’t think my drinking habits are helping my immune system either. I’m typing this sitting in my room on a sitting cube with a 5 liter bag of wine to my right. I told my friend Alpha that her and I will remind each other to keep these journal entries going every day. Hopefully someone will find it useful to know how this all went down one day. See ya later.


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