Covid-19 Diary entry 3-26-20


Journal Entry 3-26-20


Today I was recovering from wine that was drunk last night. The days are getting stressful, but I feel somewhat optimistic. I went to the grocery store today, still getting the feeling that I shouldn’t wear gloves and a mask, but there are more people doing it so that’s good. If everyone wore a mask this would be much better of a situation, but people still feel social judgment for wearing masks. This very frustrating as the disease would be much less likely to spread if we just got over how we look to the people around us. Do we really want to gamble with both our and others’ lives just for the sake of fitting in? This is very telling of our society before all this happened. I can’t imagine the toll this will have on this country, and I can tell you things are definitely different already. Every time I go outside now I can feel the fear in everyone else is ten times higher. People are more scared and reactionary. I hope that people see the truth of this situation. We are in grave danger as Xi Jinping had said back in February. I sit at home watching the time go by and wondering just how far along into this whole thing we are. Now over 500,000 people are infected and over 24,000 dead. There must be millions infected by now and you hear many people coughing when you go outside. This feels like a bad dream, but yet it’s reality and we’re all being forcibly strapped into this rollercoaster where our lives are on the line. Truly unprecedented times we’re all in. As of writing, the ratio of active cases to total cases is 98% active. This can be used to roughly understand how far along we are into this whole mess. By these numbers, we are only 2% along in the timeline of this pandemic. This is just the beginning of the beginning.


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