Covid-19 Diary Entry 3-27-20


Covid-19 journal entry 3-27-20

            Today was pretty nice. I just had work from 10 am to 2:30 pm, got tipped well. Now I am the proud owner of a Tyvek suit to stay protected while working outdoors. Hopefully, I don’t look too crazy? It’s more for the customers’ peace of mind in that I am taking cleanliness seriously. Anyways, it seems I am on track with my weight loss goals, losing 22 pounds since the beginning of the year. Very proud of that, and while this quarantine is testing my self-control in terms of not eating and snacking all day, but I find if I work out and stay focused on my projects I can go quite some time without eating (in a good way). I am hoping to get back into my research soon. I’ve printed out 4 journal articles to read all on social media analysis, and I continue my programming studying for the language R. Progress is slow but steady. I think my progress would increase if I didn’t have my eyes glued on the news and refreshing the Reddit page for coronavirus. We’re now at 600,000 cases and the death rate for closed cases has risen to 17%. Very concerning honestly, and I don’t see an end in sight. In regards to social matters, it seems things are mostly the same. Ever since diving into studying every day, I have become more secluded, but hopefully, this will be worth it in the end for the people that I can help. With time moving slow, we can calculate our steps into even greater detail, however, the execution of any steps is perhaps more important to maintain progress even if we tend to fail more this way.


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