Covid-19 Diary Entry 3-28-20


Journal Entry 3-28-20


            Today I had 2 appointments back to back which reminded me how tiring car detailing can be. Using the last of my energy to write this. Just kidding. But I am tired so hopefully, I can write well still. Anyways so today the pandemic reached 660,000 confirmed cases with now 30,000 dead. I read earlier that as of today New York City is receiving more ambulance calls than on 9/11. It really spells out the disaster we’re in. Italy is still getting over 800 deaths a day. Today’s total dead is 30,880. And that’s not including the numbers China is hiding. However, 30,880 deaths is a lot of life that has been lost due to this virus. Even so many are not taking this seriously. Today while shopping at Walmart, many were not wearing any protection at all. This is very concerning to me because it points towards the idea that this virus will not become serious to people until they personally lose someone in their life or close to them. No one knows exactly when this will happen but we all know it is coming soon. Today I talked to my sister, she’s moving to Montana which is comforting to know she’ll be fairly isolated during all this going on. My mother and her boyfriend, however, work with many people and they are not taking this seriously. I understand the frustration others might be feeling when their attempts to help inform others is denied or rejected. However, I see it this way: if someone not wearing any protection mocks you for wearing protection there’s a fear-based reaction happening. If the mocker’s truth is right, then you make yourself look paranoid. However, if your truth is right, then the mocker is in for a rough time. This is the derivative of fear and living in a bubble. Enough information is out there on this virus to scare anyone who starts connecting the dots. Our leaders don’t seem to be able to reach out of their bubbles to help their fellow Americans, but this is still all up in there. We just have to wait and see…


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