Covid-19 Diary Entry 3-31-20


Journal Entry 3-31-20

Today things got a little more serious. Sometimes it feels so surreal, and other times in the day it just feels like normal times. It's strange to even say 'normal times'. Why is it so different now? There's a sense of desperation, and fear has become colloquial in its normalcy ever since the fight on terror started, we have always been afraid of the enemy that could attack at any moment. We were told to be afraid of ISIS and al-Qaida, but we never suspected what would kill more than 9/11 would be an invisible enemy that you would need a microscope to see. The enemy is all around us at our doorsteps and attacking our hospitals. Hospitals. The one place you would think you would be safer than at home, but now it is the opposite. We live in a new world. A new world that is showing people we are truly on our own. On our own in isolation and on our own in life. Whether it's that you are lying to yourself or lying to others, it seems that who lies the most seem to be the losers in history, for truth and love always win in the bitter end. Truth and love. Whether you are telling the truth to yourself or loving others, I think that's how we win this battle.


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