Covid-19 Diary Entry 4-1-20


Journal Entry 4-1-20

Today is April Fool's Day! Not too much funny stuff happening, unfortunately, however, there are some great memes on Instagram lately that are making things a little more bearable. It seems the best thing to keep the mind busy is exercising and writing. Reading is possible but seems to require more discipline to keep random thoughts from entering the mind. I also find that meditating or "mindfulness" training is also pretty effective. I definitely would rather exercise more as my diet is definitely leading me to eat more calories lately! This is day 2 of being back at my apartment. I was spending time with my mother for the week prior to help with groceries and make sure she was alright. Also, my roommates were not following the CDC guidelines so it felt like the right decision. I also moved back to my apartment because my grandmother was supposed to move in with us, but I'm not sure if I am infected or not, so it seemed like the most ethical decision to avoid spreading the virus.

One interesting article I came across today was a report by Yahoo News explaining how the FBI had intercepted a traveler from China back in November of 2018 who was found in an airport carrying vials of various viruses. This whole situation seems like there is a more insidious plot behind it all. I just don't think it was on purpose that the virus escaped wherever it came from, be it a lab or seafood market. It definitely seems like something that wasn't planned per se. However, the world is starting to point its collective finger at China for causing this whole mess and I worry this will end in war. The economic battles happening every day on Wall Street are no help in lowering my anxiety in this fear. I wonder what the future will hold, but it seems no one knows how this will play out. Just taking things day by day.

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