Covid-19 Diary Entry 4-10-20

Journal Entry 4-10-20

Today was more stressful than others, now is where rent money is starting to become an issue. I don't know how long I can survive without work bringing money in. I have some jobs tomorrow however my earnings are not what they should be at this point in the month. It's hard knowing how much better things could be without a virus affecting the world. And it's humbling to realize how lucky I am to be in my position where rent is the only problem I have. I'm still healthy and can work when the chance comes. However, I do know that the tough times are still yet to come. I watched a video today on "Valuetainment" where the host interviews an economist and the numbers aren't looking good. Economists are expecting a 30% unemployment rate. That is worse than the Great Depression at 25%. I got the opportunity to talk to a well-known psychologist, I took some notes that I will include below this entry. I have hope for the future, however, I know that many people will be hurting from this situation we're all in. There will be depression, substance abuse, and suicide. Having been involved in all 3 of those things, I really do feel pain for what is about to come. I don't think people will cope well without access to their peers. Even more so in today's society where people have less and less human interaction as it is. The U.S. just passed 500,000 active cases and over 18,500 deaths. These aren't the true numbers though. That's not counting the 2,200 deaths from cardiac arrest in New York City alone in the past 2 weeks. I've read normally that number is around 400. In other news, I have set my eyes on Bolivia with its massive supply of Bismuth. There's something about this element that is just captivating my attention. I truly believe this metal will be extremely valuable one day. Well, I hope so at least because I now have 34 pounds of it to lug around. My friends seem to be doing okay, but I know many of us are starting to really worry about the future. I guess we'll see.


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Do study on app you make for mental health


If they’re comfortable with the solution then they will one more receptive


Mastermind for mental health


Life coach accountability

  • Doesn’t take place for understanding why roadblocks are there
  • Finding out what’s behind problems


What does the patient do over time


If you like them equals chemistry with client


Partner with someone who has authority


Figure out who’s highly cited

  • Contact that person
  • Have them read our essay


No online test is going to be that specific and accurate, but could do screening.

- will only get 


Small indicators to know if the chemistry 

  • Can use FaceTime
  • Face to face is best though


Time is the biggest scaling hurdle


Would need face of authority to do online course


Length of therapy depends on how thorough they want to go


College is a time for self exploration


Be diplomatic


Be able to say no


Book: your perfect life alert emons


Be able to change your inside world

always to try to be grateful


I lost this but aren’t I lucky I have support by people


Need mentors and better role models


If they’re in distress they’re motivated




Google trends 


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