Covid-19 Diary Entry 4-11-20

Journal Entry 4-11-20

Today was the first day where everyone in the grocery store was wearing a mask. Ironic that I wasn't this one time, because I was in the middle of a job and popped around the corner into the Vons to buy a charging cable for my dead iPhone. Very interesting to see everyone finally take it seriously. It seems that being one of the first in my town to wear a mask wasn't so crazy after all. Today was also a first for another reason. It was the first time detailing for 12 hours straight in a while! I think since this last summer with the Groupon Campaign I completed? Wow, time flies. Well, at least the time used to fly. Every quarantine day feels like 3 in terms of the news. Ecuador seems to be hurting badly by the coronavirus. I saw a video of an Ecuadorian woman screaming outside a hospital pleading for international help "or more people will die". I've always wondered what our generation's great war would be and it seems this will be it. Biological warfare is one of the scariest ways to experience war, and we are all seeing that every day. People are afraid to go outside. People are afraid to talk to one another. People are afraid to meet friends. People are afraid to make new friends. These are strange and confusing times. We hear that phrase a lot nowadays, but it really seems this is the only way we civilized folk can describe this situation. Tomorrow should be another good workday, these types of days seem to keep my mind off the world ending.

Today's reported numbers:

Cases: 1,780,315

Deaths: 108,828

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P.S. the Bolivian mining industry seems promising....

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