Covid-19 Diary Entry 4-12-20

Journal Entry 4-12-20

Today was a very effective day in terms of helping others. Today I got to see a long time customer. I suited up in my Tyvek suit and worked for 6 hours disinfecting every nook and cranny of that small chevy bolt ev. It's the least I can do in this time where car detailing is somewhat essential for interior disinfecting services. I'm only charging enough to cover the expenses as it's a good deed for the community and past customers. To my surprise, she tipped very well which means more money for food and more money for less worrying. Money is definitely a big worry as more than 20% of renters didn't pay their April rent. I can't imagine what it will be next month. 40%? 60%? I still have much to be grateful for and I'm far from losing hope, but the feeling of stress this has placed on our world is definitely making us go a little crazier. This only increases the importance of psychology I am studying every day. I worry for my mother as she drinks more. I worry for my sister who is struggling with her own sets of problems. I wonder how much longer our government will play this game of trying to profit over the poor and unestablished? The only thing I know when it comes to this pandemic is that the healthiest, smartest, and strongest will survive. We have passed over 118,000 deaths today. Many, probably in the 40's to 60's in count, countries are now passing the 1,000 reported cases mark. The United States was there almost exactly 1 month ago. Now we have over 500,000 cases reported. I feel for the people in the less developed countries with less hygiene and medical care. What does keep me positive is that we are all realizing we are in this together. People are taking up jobs and trying to fight this thing. Oh, also, side note here, it was just reported today that China is blocking research into the origins of the virus. There's now no doubt in my mind that this is a gene-edited virus. My prediction is that they used the perfected virus structure of the coronavirus and messed with the RNA to create something far more stable and replicative. Today I had a sore throat, but I still have my sense of smell so everything should be fine. One part of me wants to fill my time with productive tasks, but the other part of me just wants to engage in hedonistic activities to forget all about this. Tomorrow I talk to my shrink and I'll report back with wisdom from our conversation. That's all for now. Happy Easter.


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