Covid-19 Diary Entry 4-15-20

Journal Entry 4-15-20

It's earlier in the day than I usually report back to my journal, being just before noon. I wanted to try out doing these earlier in the day as a way to provide more rigidity to my daily routine at the beginning of the day rather than relying on the afternoon to get my daily tasks accomplished. I feel this will be both better for my productivity and for my mental health. This will probably mean an offset reporting of my day, but I feel it will lead to a more creative writing style as I bleed one day into the next. So far today I had my Lavin entrepreneurship class at 7:00 am to 8:30 am with the opportunity to listen to the founder of peregrine semiconductors talk about how to properly invest in companies and what signs to look for in leadership. I think these class meetings are great for staying connected at this time, but unfortunately, there is only one more class session until the end of the semester.


I had a morning workout consisting of 3 sets of 20 lunges, 3 sets of 10 pushups, 2 sets of situps, 1 set of flutter kicks, 2 sets of 8 ab rolls. I love the endorphin rush from working out, especially when working legs. It gives me an energy boost that is much needed. To be fair though, I did drink coffee as well so that would contribute to my energy levels.


My ability to control my emotions has become easier as this new lifestyle becomes the norm. I suppose the novelty of the quarantine made the whole experience easier to conceptualize as a vacation, but as work picks up and gaining weight, I realize that this is now the new routine I must rely on to get through this whole debacle. I wonder if others are experiencing this shift of perspective. It seems that those with a lack of purpose in their life would be more susceptible to the negative emotions of quarantine, and I wish them all the best in figuring out their purpose. I'd refer them to my "how to find your purpose" article for more information to help them.


I ordered some new reading material to occupy my leisure time. I ordered The Divine Comedy trilogy, which consists of the inferno, the purgatory, and the paradise. I also purchased The Alchemist. I've made a deal with my friend to see who can finish the book fastest. I would be okay with finishing it slower to get more out of the content, but I look forward to keeping pace to be able to talk about something other than our lackluster quarantine experiences haha...


In intellectual progress, I am continuing to get through Synergetics by Buckminster Fuller one grueling page at a time. Fuller is definitely not one for making a book easy to read. However, I love how he is starting to make the connections of chemistry and the periodic table of elements right around this time that I am connecting the geometry of chemical structures to geometry unity. I look forward to seeing how this intellectual idol of mine and I's ideas overlap. I am grateful for having the ability to gain the knowledge of these intellectual legends and I hope no matter where this pandemic takes humanity that we maintain our access to diverse literature. Tangential to literature, I also hope we can keep our libraries of music alive during this time. Maybe I should consider downloading as much as possible to prepare for any conflicts in societal structure...I digress.


Every so often I look over at the desk across the room with my little box of pure bismuth (99.99%). I wonder if I'm crazy thinking it will be worth so much more one day, but the more I research into this intricate element, the more it becomes clear that this is not like other elements. This crystal has a vector equilibrium. I can't believe no one has seen it for the intense amount of value it provides as a superconductor at low temperatures. Its accuracy of electron transfer is unparalleled and its diamagnetic properties make it so useful for entanglement and near field calculations. I could be wrong, and if I am I'm only out $320, however, I do believe that with the coming trade collapse between north and south America and eastern Asia, that all metals, especially Bismuth will skyrocket in demand as supply plummets.


Anyways, I have more cars to wash today, and I'm grateful for the 3 or so appointments I've been able to schedule for this week. Again, even though car washing is such a basic service and business to be in, having it all to myself and being able to say it is truly 100% mine is a satisfying feeling and prideful one at that. I hope everyone is doing well and healthy.


Thinking Differently,


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