Covid-19 Diary Entry 4-16-20

Journal entry 4-16-20

Today I worked another 12 hour day. Worth it! The customer I did the work for is an attorney in San Diego and has an incredible rags to riches story. Today was another good day of work and today added to my progress in changing my perspective on work, and today definitely helped. The customer told me some solid advice, #1 be persistent in life, #2 get umbrella insurance #3 don't get a girl pregnant haha. He was a pretty quirky guy but I love hearing the perspective of someone who came from nothing. He even complimented me! He said I was a gentleman which he said is the highest compliment he can give. So that felt good to hear. Anyways, he also said that "there's nothing wrong with work" in the context of always being grateful of the job you have today. Being able to work is a luxury that you must earn it seems.


I do have to admit as per yesterday's post that I did not get to posting today in the morning, however, I was working so I'll have to figure out a solution to be able to meet my goal even on days that I'm working. Perhaps if I know I'll be working all day the following day I'll write a creative post scheduled to publish the next day.


The unemployment number has risen to over 22 million as of today. It seems that work is of prime importance, and I know this is a ya no-duh kind of statement however it seems we will truly get an idea of how much work matters to the publics mental stability with this pandemic. Work matters and you should always be grateful of the job you have. If you don't have a job, find one. If you can't find a job, make one...


Thinking Differently,


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