Covid-19 Diary Entry 4-2-20


Journal entry 4-2-20


All of the following is sci-fi esque writing. It is not proven fact by any stretch of the imagination. Enjoy. Oh and remember, reality is stranger than fiction. We’re literally living on a huge rock with a magma core hurtling through space around a giant star in a solar system on the outskirts of a galaxy that would take many many years to travel across at light speed which is one of billions of others of galaxies in our universe that somehow came to be. This is proven fact. Anything anyone could propose outside of proven fact is not out of the realm of possibility. Unless you know why we’re here and what reality is and truly means, who are you to say who’s wrong or right?


Today I was thinking about dark energy. I’m reading about synergetics (by Buckminster fuller) and I was looking at the equation E=MC^2 and it seems that c is the plane on which mass brings depth. These are in energy terms, but dark energy would be when mass is destroyed such that it phase shifts into anti-protons and anti-electrons. They say that dark energy is repulsive, however that doesn’t explain black holes if we are to assume black holes are dark energy stars. It seems that black holes are these negative mass stars that are suspended upon our regular gravitational plane of reality. It seems that the energy in which 2 stars colliding and impending supernova doesn’t actually get sucked away, it just forms a negative mass from the explosion ripping polarity so heavily in the opposite directions that a small dark energy star is formed within the same constant plane of reality. This is why we experience an intense attraction from these dark energy stars. They say that dark energy is repulsive, however I think when you are truly operating within the dark energy universe, you simply slip between the normal planes of reality and while our big bang exploded, it seems it’s making our reality expand when really, it’s real energy that is slipping between the opposite polarity energy and pushing against it and making it seem to be accelerating. Perhaps those who are fortunate to be able to maintain consciousness in the dark energy world would seem like 4th dimensional beings that could travel to any point in time simply because their energy plane operates between ours. Black holes must be very rare because of their peculiar suspension in both realities. They seem to be a connection point between dark energies and regular energies, however it’s not like a wormhole, because it’s still a star, just in dark energy form so you still would die atom by atom if you were to jump into one. However they do seems to be a portal to the other side in some way shape or form, and perhaps we could communicate with dark energy beings by spurting information into the dark energy stars in a morse code manner and we could test to see if these 4th dimensional beings exist by means that they can see everything all at once. They would just have to have the foresight to look in this time direction at the right time. Paradoxically similar to the way we can predict where a ball will land, these 4th dimensional dark energy beings would know where it would land and be able to observe the ball going back and forth with the energy in both directions. On second thought it might be biased of me to assume this is what they would see as our interpretation of what a ball is in completely different to how 4th dimensional beings would interpret reality. It seems they would more so see their universe as a concept of tunnels squeezing through our reality. Their reality would be so entirely different to what we have as “necessities” in our world. I do believe it would be very easy to get lost in these 4th dimensional tunnels of dark energy, however they would be the ultimate observers in that whatever beings inhabited that world, they wouldn’t be able to interact with us, but simply observe. Similar to how we wouldn’t be able to interact with ants in a meaningful way, they wouldn’t be able to interact with us in a meaningful way atleast in terms of how we appreciate communication. The closest we can get to communication similar to a 4th dimensional being is through the internet being operated by fiber optic cables or transferring information with quantum entanglement and then interpreting the data for our own 3rd dimension and worldly uses. Similar to how instragram gives us a 2-d dimensional interpretation almost instantaneously of a 3 dimensional world. This is how a 4th dimensional being could communicate with us in a 3rd dimensional snapshot. A 3rd dimensional snapshot with information of the 4thdimension (maybe 2001 a space odyssey was on to something with the monolith and the monkeys touching it?). The power of creation is really a 4-th dimensional insight. Thinking of the past and present is definitely a skill of ours no other animal has atleast to the extent of being able to do something about it. It would be interesting if these 4th dimensional beings wanted to communicate with us and the only way to do this would be to give us the ability to think about time, the 4th dimension. It would be interesting if they decided they needed to do this in order to secure their own survival for some reason, living in within the 3rd dimension and experiencing the 4th dimension on a snapshot basis, we can change things. Maybe we are time riders that have the ability to change the 4th dimension that the hypothetical 4th dimensional beings can’t? Maybe how though we can observe a 2-dimensional being and their world, we couldn’t do anything to meaningfully change anything in the 2nd dimension to a precise degree. Maybe we are the only things that can precisely change things within the 3rd dimension and our value is this. We can change things. We have choice. 4th dimensional beings while having choice in their own survival, would like to see us survive as well? Maybe once we see power within ourselves to change things, maybe things do seem to fall in place? Maybe we’re not so powerless in our lives, and maybe if we collectively reminded ourselves that we do have power to change our reality, then maybe the world would be a different place. Maybe we wouldn’t be trying to survive a pandemic.


Thinking Differently,


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