Covid-19 Diary Entry 4-21-20

Journal Entry 4-21-20

Today was surprisingly tiring. I think it was because one of my clients I worked for today is extremely picky about the details. I did her car in her apartment's underground parking garage and she insisted on checking how it turned out outside. Fair enough, but there's always a level of pressure when you know your work is going to be scrutinized. Today I had a session with my therapist and at this point, we basically just talk about what I read and how my week has been. It's comforting knowing that I know myself fairly well at this point in my life and I can begin to create more of myself from here on out. I'm trying to focus on more of my intellectual growth as these days go by however money will keep food on the table. I have received a sash in the mail from one of my programs I'm involved in at university. It made me think about when I graduate one day in the near future. I just hope business doesn't take over my life so much that I neglect learning and self-improvement.


I think many disregard their mental health in exchange for their financial stability, when in fact many who are financially stable wish that they sacrificed money for a better understanding and acceptance of their life.


Anyways, I have a few assignments to complete so I will save a more detailed post for tomorrow. I'll try to get a more in-depth scientifically-backed article out soon.


Thinking Differently,


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