Covid-19 Diary Entry 4-22-20

Journal Entry 4-22-20

Today I had another attorney-customer and he said something very interesting...we were talking about how I want to scale mental health care and get universities and hospitals to contribute on a more micro level. Today's universities are focused on research and tenure, and the professors are more focused on their reputation than helping their local communities. What if instead, the universities did community-based research? What if medical departments at schools were refocused on helping the community's specific issues and collaborating online with other medical departments at other universities to find similar problems and collectively solve the issue so that they could solve the community's issues better and faster?


This is part of the future I envision with World Powered Designs. Solving micro-based problems on a macro scale and using universities as local knowledge distribution centers. Students would have access to not only their own base research but be able to practice collaborating with others from different schools easily.


Back to my conversation with the attorney...he discussed how the system is set up the way it is today because it makes certain industries more money. While the solution I propose is lower cost and lower profit margins, it increases human wealth in terms of productive value. Money isn't productive in its intrinsic nature. It is simply a conduit for transferring one type of work or product with another.


However, with this in mind, messing with this system would make this solution a target of the pharmaceutical industry and health care industry. These industries would realize their business model is ineffective in terms of adding value to their current customers and they are at risk of going extinct. We all know that these industries are ruthless and relentless in their expression of power. Messing with giants this big would cause lawsuits and red tape unlike ever before seen. It's the difference between an up and coming company like Uber squeezing into a power vacuum structure like taxi driving and offering a better solution and comparing it to a medical company trying to reinvent the business model of American health care. It's practically a death sentence and if you are the only company trying to reinvent the wheel so to speak, you are facing a steep uphill battle.


However, I was talking to my friend about this and she said something very important and valuable:

"In this life, you will always have enemies when they see you winning. They will be pretty screwed when this becomes the better option."


This will be a big part of my motivation to keep going. To hell with the haters, the abusers, and manipulators, I'm going to carve my own path strategically and set up defenses that are bulletproof. Possibly patents? Getting involved in politics? Making friends in the right places? It all has to be synchronized together perfectly to fight these behemoth industries but I know deep down it will be worth it in the end.


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