Covid-19 Diary Entry 4-23-20

Journal Entry 4-23-20

The importance of music is very clear during these times. Music is an amazing way of expressing and/or experiencing one's emotions in depth while explaining a story behind it. The thing about music is that it's an explanation of one's state of mind at the moment of getting the design on their body.


This is the fascinating part for me is that each person has a story with each tattoo. That means that each tattoo has a story that is designated specifically to the person who chose the tattoo.


Much like a song, every expression of one's self is an expression of their mental state at that time in their life. It is very much a timestamp of them. Even though a drunk motivated tattoo might be a fun escapade to one. To others, it might exhume that they have been hurt in some way emotionally and they have been so quiet about the pain that the only way of expressing it is by getting a tattoo. This is the paradox of the cool/concerning tattoo of today's era. What do we mean when we get a tattoo?


This is a topic for another night, however, the music behind each tattoo is very influential and there's no doubt behind that.


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