Covid-19 Diary Entry 4-29-20

Journal Entry 4-29-20

Today was the last day of my entrepreneurship program at university. Very anticlimactic to be on a Zoom video call to end the semester. It seems like this will be the new normal of life now. Everything being virtual and iridescent to normality. When we think of what the world will be like in the future, how do we imagine it? 


How will life be for us in say 5 years? Who knows. I mention this because everyone in my class was asked to share what their short and long term goals are. I sat there wondering about that and waited until it was my turn to share. My classmates shared that they would like to be earning a high wage of $100,000 or getting an engineering or finance-related job. It all seems so serene and easy, but when you think about just guessing what each day of all those years will add up to, it just seems impossible and overly idealistic to expect anything. While goals are different from expectations, I think some get caught up in the exciting feeling of creating goals.


It's like setting up a road trip on paper and getting on the road and remembering 5 hours in why you aren't constantly going on road trips. There are some very relentlessly boring times and frustrating times during a road trip. While you and someone might be friends at the beginning, not always will you come out friends at all, let alone better friends. Riding this narrow fine line of being understanding, empathetic, and loving is hard to consistently do because it seems most people don't consistently love themselves. You will have days you feel like a failure and days you want to quit.


However, if we can learn some lessons along the way and be self-aware and loving of both parties involved, maybe we will have a shot of reaching peace by the end of the journey.


So life to me is about work. Especially as a young man, I am learning more and more each day and it seems that that is the way that is proper and good. I worry for all the people that will go their whole lives never knowing what self-love is like without the help of medication or vices. So in that juxtapose the irony of life, cheers to that.


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