Covid-19 Diary Entry 4-3-20


Journal Entry 4-3-20

Today I finally got some work so I got some money coming in, and I think I'll be set on rent this month. I'm not out of the clear yet, but it's a great start. Today I have a video call with my new mentor who is a family business consultant. I'm very curious as to what her experience has taught her, and she seems very interested in helping my businesses grow. We'll see where that goes I suppose. Today seemed like the most normal day so far in San Diego. Many people on the roads, and despite the electronic billboards saying "WASH YOUR HANDS - SAVE LIVES - BEAT COVID-19" everything seemed just slightly back to normal for a brief moment. However, we look at the numbers at it's sitting at 1.1 million cases, and almost 60,000 dead (not the actual number, just reported). To think that things are not even close to being done is daunting. I can't make any accurate predictions, and no one can for that matter. However, I feel like things will get really bad. You can feel the apprehension and hesitation in every interaction. It's almost like people all want to forget that this pandemic is happening. My Spanish roommate got a call from his concerned mother yesterday, and he assured her everything was alright. But it's not. I think that's the main thing I noticed today, despite how hard we might want to act like things are normal, they aren't. No matter if you immerse yourself in alcohol, exercise, video games, or other media, we're still all on the same boat. It just feels like we're wile coyote and we've run off the cliff, and we won't realize it until we look down at our reality. Interesting times.


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