Covid-19 Diary Entry 4-4-20


Journal Entry 4-4-20


I realize I'm writing this a day late. Anyways, yesterday was a very workful day. I made $260 which was nice to put some money away during this whole pandemic. Money seems to be harder to come by these days as unemployment as rocketed past 10 million new applications for employment insurance benefits. It's interesting to see what the future might look like in a world where no one has a job. Meaning automation one might put us in a similar situation as today. Where only essential workers are required and everyone else must find a new way to spend their time. However, the cavalier issue here is that it seems in our society's materialistic and superficial ways, not many options are on the table for people. In today's Wall Street Journal weekend edition issue, we have a whole section dedicated to comfort foods with the caption:

"Sequestered in our kitchens, we're turning to food for solace as well as survival. Here, pros weigh in on recipes to put us at ease, why cooking is uplifting and how a simple takeout order can foster a feeling of community."

To me this is disheartening. You take away the social gatherings, and we're left with food? To me, there's much more to life than just food (despite it being the reason we're alive, I'll give it the credit it's due. I think our culture has so much more to offer and that we should resurface our inventive and creative efforts. I feel like no one really feels they have the power and earned the right to be unique and different. It seems that people are afraid of what their lives might look like if they weren't afraid. The scary unknown faces us, and it seems that we're falling back on what brings us known comfort. When instead we should focus on the long term. We're in it for the long term anyways, whether it is in reference to this pandemic's length or life's length. Let's write about our lives and keep it for ourselves. Let's take pictures of what we love and keep it for ourselves. Let's take all that we have learned of ourselves and come out the other end of this someone who has so much to share with others in person. What we have to share online is not always who we actually are, unless we make a conscious decision to make it so.

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