Covid-19 Diary Entry 4-6-20


Journal Entry 4-6-20

Today it is raining outside, yet another reason to stay indoors. Unfortunately, that puts me out of work for a few days as it's supposed to rain all the way to Friday. Fortunately, though, I can work more on WPD and make more progress in programming. I scheduled a talk with a really well-known psychologist for this upcoming Friday. I'm super excited for this opportunity to discuss societal changes and the upcoming mental health issues stemming from this quarantine. I really feel a sense of responsibility to help people in this time. I have become more appreciative of my decision to go through with psychology. Switching from Electrical Engineering to Psychology always seems like a cop-out switch because "EE was too hard". However, it's not about that. I realized I wanted to go from creating and designing things to helping people recreate and redesign themselves. I think that we really are going to have to focus on ourselves in the coming years and I hope that our world becomes more purposed towards creativity instead of execution. To put it another way, I hope we can all find solace in individuality again. We each are our own person with our own traits and flaws and peccadillos (learned that word from Good Will Hunting). It seems at this time, we are losing our voice and a light is dying silently in each home with no one aware of what's happening. In other news, Boris Johnson, the UK prime minister is now in intensive care from coronavirus. 1.33 million cases. 70,000 dead now. We're not close to the peak which is quite honestly terrifying but it is the truth and reality we will soon face. Let's appreciate those around us.


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