Covid-19 Diary Entry 4-8-20


Journal Entry 4-8-20

Today everything really sank the lies really sank in. The WHO is lying to the world and taking sides with China. The head of the WHO Dr. Tedros threatened "many more body bags" if Trump attacks them more; "politicizing" the pandemic. Another WHO official from Canada refused to say the country Taiwan's name and pretended to not hear the question. It's frustrating that an organization seemingly designed to help everyone is now being used as a propaganda machine. I really can't even describe the level of frustration I have for the adults in this world. How can they be so immoral? It's literally like gangs of monkeys running the show here. Today I saw a video from Channel 4 News from England that showed a video of what's happening in Bangladesh. There were hordes of people trying to board a barge to leave the area. The title of the video states the UN has a leaked memo stating that 2 million could (will?) die. Iran just had a leak from one of the members in the anti-virus team that admitted to the news outlet that there are over 500,000 people infected in Iran. With these numbers flying around, there's bound to be millions in China that are infected. The videos of them welding the apartment doors shut so no one could leave leads me to believe they resorted to having many thousands die at home where they wouldn't be seen. I did some research on a Dr. Lieber who was arrested back in late January by the FBI for connections with China virology research. He specialized in biowarfare and chemistry involving nanobiotechnology. This is such a horrible situation I can't keep a straight narrative to tell. There will be millions that die from this. The death rate for closed cases is now at 22% and over 1.5 million cases recorded. China is having people spread lies about how China is doing a great job and the U.S. is to blame for the virus. I don't know who's more right, but I know for a fact China is lying. Today I ordered 34 pounds of Bismuth Ingot's in preparation to transfer my paper money to metal. This is a side note, but when we come out the other end of this, I will be banking on these metals to skyrocket in value from the coming quantum computer revolution. Bismuth is a very very special element for these purposes. I'll talk more about this later, but for now, I'll try to get some rest. The world is being taken over with fear and misconception, and resorting to self-destruction.


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