Covid-19 Diary Entry 5-12-20

Journal Entry 5-12-20

Today I had another 10 hour day of work. It was a long day, but a good day. Recently I watched one of Jocko Willink's podcasts on how to separate emotions from work from your home life. It really was interesting in his perspective of how one part of a man's responsibility is to shield his family from the cold reality of the world outside. I think this is true in many regards and very admirable.


To be able to consolidate your whole workday into a nice and neat package that can be managed is very respectable. I think part of it is that at the end of the workday you have to have a meaningful end or else that work will spill over to your home life.  What happens at work stays at work. However, much like bookmarking a page in a novel right in the middle of a chapter, picking up where you left off is more confusing than ending on a more poignant end of a chapter and leaving the beginning of the new chapter for the new day. 


What happens at work, however, can sometimes seem relatively way more taxing emotionally or physically than others' work. This can lead to comparisons which are understandable yet unhealthy towards a general growth in your life. Part of the importance of separating your emotions at work and home is that you have to be able to separate them if you want your home life to grow in a beneficial way as well. By focusing on the importance of why it is important for your home life to flourish is that home is where you should be relaxed and vulnerable and letting your guard down.


At work, we can let our guard be up and be more aggressive when needed to keep progress, however, a certain more maternal approach is necessary at home. Some might see this as a weakness, but for true masculinity, it is a virtue to be able to maintain frame of mind while understanding the importance of a balance at home necessary for the growth of your relationship with you girlfriend or wife, but also the sustainable growth of your children. Giving in to our emotions may warp the balance of the home and present a negative reaction from your family as they cope with your uncontrolled emotions.


I think the idea of realizing the importance of something can be used with many morals, beliefs, and etiquettes. Many times we ask ourselves what the point of something is. Like David Goggins says he's not training to be physically strong, he's training to be mentally strong. The point of these things is to grow us, and if we can't see the point by our own intrinsic volition, then we are doomed to experience only the hellish aspects of life rather than the paradisiac aspects. Choose the path to paradise over the settling of hell.

Thinking Differently,


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