Covid-19 Diary Entry 5-15-20

Journal Entry 5-15-20

Today was seemingly an average day, but much of it was very pleasant. I'm trying to take pleasure in the little things in life. It seems when you are more present in the moment it's easier to enjoy what's around. I watched a video yesterday of a guy who went on a 3-week "dopamine detox". Very interesting how we're in a time where our dopamine receptors are being so heavily used that some people feel the need to detox, or translationally remove toxicity from their life.


It makes me wonder at what point did technology (or more specifically the internet) go from a life-enhancing tool to addictive vice. I personally believe the switch happened in 2012/2013. This is the year social media really grabbed hold of all age groups. 


From then on anything slightly controversial could and would be recorded by a cell phone. It seems that with the ability to remember everything that happened at a certain time via video files stored in storage memory, the risky choices we might engage in social settings now have multiple risks associated with them that could hurt one's image on a larger scale. 


Today I watched a podcast from Joe Rogan on how our physiological being adapts to the environment we're in. One great example the guest gave was how grasshoppers when in large hive groups start to change to locusts and become more aggressive and cannibalistic. It almost seems that when any group behaves within a collective embodiment of what is right or wrong, we become more aggressive. Individualism represents a journey amongst the world around us within everyone being their own storyteller. With collectivistic consecrations well adapted to, we start to turn inward to see who is behaving against the collective and destroy them.


See in collectivistic societies, they live so much in the moment, their ideas in their head about how they relate to one another becomes retrograde. What once was something that brought people together is now the measuring stick to which one is worthy to be upon the group hive. 


Maybe this has something to do with masculinity (the order) and femininity (the chaos). Maybe the order is individualism and chaos is collectivism? It does seem that our society tends to bounce between the two grandeur fantasies of what each philosophy is capable of achieving if it is done "right".


Not that either is wrong per se, because this, I think, is the wrong way to look at it. The equilibrium is what drives progress and divinity, and if we stray too far from the past and too close to the present, we make the future irreparably unpredictable.


Thinking Differently,


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