Covid-19 Diary Entry 5-16-20

Journal Entry 5-16-20

It's not where you are from but where you are going. I was watching the beginning part of "Public Enemies" and Johnny Depp's character states a phrase along these lines. It's interesting for me normally being surrounded by these types of people. They care so much about your family's legacy and how much money or social notoriety someone has over their character.


However, to truly know where someone is going is to understand their character to at least a mid-level degree of accuracy. It seems that those who are not concerned about the future, and only of the present moment might be more concerned with the past which would insinuate your family's history.


 For me personally, I never had such continuities as a stable family legacy. For me life has been chaotic and recessional. Therefore, my monetary value has always been set by me and my immediate family's positioning in the economy.


To be sure of who I am, understanding such setbacks is important when comparing myself relative to those who might look down or judge my position in social and economic standing. However, it is such setbacks that now make me someone who will propel far past those who have such encumbering perspectives on values.


I mean how is someone supposed to move forward and create their own story in life if they are always focused on the past whether it be the near past or far past. To me, this is to a slight degree of insanity. To be deceived into the notion that you have earned the right to profess from the mountain of achievements of which family members before you have earned is that of pure delusion. Someone of this nature cannot possibly fathom changing their actions to pursue transcendental prerequisites to true prosperity.


Where prosperity is born is where someone is thinking in the present with the concern of the future. Prosperity is born with reasoning and precession of retribution in terms of one's values.


Thinking Differently,


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