Covid-19 Diary Entry 5-22-20

Journal entry 5-22-20

Today I made more money! That's cool and all but with quarantine still continuing on I feel a rising urge to push harder in learning programming so that I can get the WPD software out faster. I can't help but think of all the people suffering that could be helped with this software. I was listening to a Jordan Peterson podcast today while working and his Future Author program would be a perfect syndication with WPD's software.


Making business deals and partnerships are one thing I have close to no experience in so this tells me that I need to practice more with this. It's harder to gain trust in today's society, but I'm hoping my business reputation will precede itself.


In other news, it seems that stores are starting to open back up, but fears are rising about a second wave of the virus. While most people now wear masks regularly, there's a new sense of hesitation and fear to play into the dynamic of people meeting each other. It is very interesting how this dynamic has shifted. People want to greet each other normally with a handshake, but now everything is more distant.


Society seems to be shifting to a lonelier existence...


Anyways, I also met a man with Lou Gehrig's disease for the first time ever. It was very pleasant to see his wife sticking by his side and helping him with his needs. I know of some that would abandon their husband or friend in a time of need like that. Also more pleasantly was how she described how he isn't frustrated which is amazing. I can't imagine having such a debilitating disease and not be mad at the universe for such a curse. It made me more appreciative of everything I have and how precious health is. So here's to good health!


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