Covid-19 Diary Entry 5-24-20

Journal Entry 5-24-20

Today was just like any other car detailing day. The one exciting thing is I don't have any work until 2:00 pm tomorrow! Just kidding. The most exciting thing is that I'm on course to making just under or perhaps just over $6,000 this month. I know I can't shut up about this whole money thing, but it is very validational to say the least.


I haven't noticed any major shifts in American society's view of the coronavirus, however it does seem that the 1.5 wave (wave in between the 2nd wave) of the virus is coming from Brazil or South America as a generalized state. I have been concerned with South America for a few weeks now, and it seems that now they are starting to ease the restriction of travel down there. I can't help but think that this will be a very bad decision. See it seems that the political leaders know how bad this virus is, but they want to appease their constituents in opening up the economy to contrive some sort of believe that everything is okay.


The truth I believe is that the world is no less in danger of the COVID-19 virus now than 3 months ago. I believe that this virus will be here for years. Talking to a customer of mine who has family in India; he says that life won't be close to the same as before this for over 2 years.


Holy. Shit. 2 years....excuse my language but that is insane.


I can't imagine what 2 years of this will be like. However, I do know that within months this new way of life will be normalized. By that I mean wearing surgical masks outside and never touching strangers in terms of greetings as handshakes or hugs.


What I can say is that in terms of our political leaders is they seem to have realized in February that they can alter the outcome of social behavior by their conditioning of state-run media and other propaganda sources. I can't see any other reason for the disinformation from every news source. Confusion is viral and regulation is arbitrary at best, and malicious at worst.


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