Covid-19 Diary Entry 5-26-20

Journal Entry 5-26-20

It's interesting in dealing with rejection. It seems to be a big fear for many people. I say this with the context of listening to Neil Gaiman in his MasterClass lesson I just finished watching. 


Many people will avoid starting for fear of failing. Which is such a counterproductive way of succeeding obviously. What I try to do (and I'm mainly venting my frustrations here) is just keep failing until something starts working. I think that the part that's most important in that cycle is to be aware of when that thing you are doing starts working. It's very easy to just listen to one bad critic and ignore the handful that have actually enjoyed or found your thing useful.


What I notice in my peers is that they desire a sense of acceptance from groups. And to be fair this is just a human trait altogether. We seek to be accepted by the groups we admire. The harmful thing about this in today's society is that we are never really trusting or loyal to each other. I'm not sure if you sense this, but today's society dictates a sort of collective based winner takes all dynamic.


We are faced with betraying our collective group and failing or going along with all they say for a feeling of success. The third option is to be true to yourself. Following truth is a powerful ethical code that will drive divides between you and others who want a particular end goal, and are intrinsically and extrinsically motivated.


I don't necessarily say this from my own perspective, it seems to be a recurring theme in history. Those who fought for what's right always seemed to be the end winners in terms of legacy in the history books. When you're doing something courageous there's almost always at least one person outside of yourself who notices. Let's be brave and fight for the truth and what's right. 


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