Covid-19 Diary Entry 5-4-20

Journal Entry 5-4-20

So today was cool! Another day of hard work and good tips. I'm really itching to research more however money takes precedence to research in these times. I'm just grateful to have a job and a thriving business at that in which I'm getting ready to buy a van. Also, I had an interesting thought last night I would like to share.


 I was thinking about anxiety and how it has to have a relevant context in order for it to make sense. However, most people don't think this way in regards to in the present moment of feeling that anxiety. What perhaps could be a different way of thinking about anxiety is to logically break down the anxiety we're feeling and conquer it with deduction. By this, we must understand that there is no anxiety if there is no basis for feeling it.


For example, if I'm driving down the road and traffic is heavy and I'm feeling under pressure from it all for whatever reason specific to your case. Understand that your anxiety 1. stems from fear and 2. can be denoted into one of the four fundamental fears. So let's pick fear of losing control. We have lost control of our ability to make it home in a timely fashion perhaps after a long day of work. This is nothing we have control over unless we can somehow defy physics and teleport ourselves and our vehicle home. Obviously not possible...So the lack of control is stressful, that is the context. Our fear of having no say in the outcome. If we understand this, we can start loosening the grip of that fear.


Many times we make anxiety way too accessible and we make mindfulness very inaccessible in our brains. See the more we think a certain way, the stronger the neural pathway in the brain is for that thought process. The amygdala picks up a fear response, you feel fear, feeling the fear triggers you to pause, pausing triggers you to try to solve the fear, solving the fear leads you to the four fundamental fears, the four fundamental fears lead you to one of four options to choose from, this then allows you to find the context of the fear and anxiety and decide to let it go. Once you know where something is coming from, it's easier to let it go.


If we can build these processes over and over with little things that cause us fear and anxiety, eventually we will have trained aptly enough for the big things in life that usually stop us in our tracks and derail our lives. Many people have an action like working out when they're stressed our listening to music. However, at the end of the day, we are in our own heads and we don't control our environment really as much as we would idealistically desire. The best thing to do for ourselves to prepare for life is to win the small battles and even when faced with large ones, we will have practiced enough that the larges ones won't feel so large anymore.


Thinking Differently,


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