Covid-19 Diary Entry 6-12-20

Journal Entry 6-12-20

Today is a big day! Taking a girl I like out to dinner, going to ask her to be my girlfriend. Going to be interesting seeing how higher-end restaurants are responding to Covid.


In other news, I was thinking about long term goals with World Powered Designs. I was thinking about how this whole quarantine is going to make even more people socially awkward. It was bad enough from just smartphones distracting people and allowing an out from awkward real-life situations. Now it seems people will be even more hesitant when interacting with each other. 


With this, it seems there will be worsening mental health issues. It's already well reported that Gen-Z is having a tough time of it. A generation coddled and sheltered to the point of self-isolation will cause more depression, anxiety, and suicide. All the call signs of someone who feels trapped. So at what point does living a sheltered life becomes living a caged life? Parents don't realize that the safety they are giving their kids will end up being the rope that hangs them when they try to deal with the world when they leave.


So with this impending issue, we will need a scalable way for people to realize they're in a form of mental hell. Filled with a guilty conscience in which they realize they have never known any struggle. While many try to fix this with hedonistic solutions like drugs or alcohol, what might a solution look like that instead shines a light on their issue and presents healthy avenues for success?


The first problem to tackle would-be showing someone the truth of their life. Whether or not they suffered or not, anyone can benefit from being shown the true timeline of their life. One great way of tracking this timeline would be social media data. Mining this data could render a new analytical point of fixation for therapy.


Therapy today is intermingled with stopping and going, of restarting and talking of current events. Sessions can get stuck in an ugly recycle of updates since the last session and then possibly not getting anything accomplished. This client-therapist relationship can be strangled without having established any baseline for what their life is about.


Once a timeline is created by social media data, then the client can help fill in the blanks between events. By understanding their life in chronological order, they can easily understand why they are the way they are.


I have to get ready to go out, so I have to end the entry here.


Thinking Differently,


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