Covid-19 Diary Entry 6-14-20

Journal Entry 6-14-20

So today I was thinking back to a conversation I had with an attorney. He told me he notices there's way less opportunity in today's society for kids growing up in the lower-income brackets. 


I thought about this, and there's arguments for both sides. On one hand, virtually everyone has access to the internet and can accomplish a lot or learn a lot with this tool if they have the drive to do so. On the other hand, kids growing up in today's society are constantly distracted from everything. Many tech companies make money by stealing away people's attention and recording their characteristics to sell to marketers. It's really quite devious when you think about how kids are being pulled every which way.


I've been telling people for the past year that many in today's society feel they have no purpose or identity and perhaps they're right. It's difficult to find a purpose and identity when you have access to know what everyone else is doing, and if they're doing the same thing it seems we have to find something else to do. Why not work on the same thing in our own different ways? If you have a startup idea that is actually being worked on by a few different startups, who cares? Just do your thing and then let the chips fall where they may.


I think we have to embrace the fact that we can all collectively work on the same thing and we don't have to collectively relate in terms of identity and purpose. That might seem like a contradiction compared to the last paragraph, however, what I mean is that we at times we focus too much on receiving our validation from extrinsically motivating ideals like being accepted into a group. What we lack is our intrinsic fulfillment of working on something purposeful. I believe that perhaps you can become both extrinsically and intrinsically fulfilled if we focus on our purpose first, and then find others that are like-minded.


So if you find a startup that is working on that idea either compete and then try to integrate or partner later down the line, or integrate into their group working towards the same goals you would have otherwise done in your startup.


Maybe our opportunity in today's generations of society does not lie in creating the next greatest and the best thing, but pushing hard into exciting and fulfilling goals that are ostentatious and grandeur, but while chasing these dreams we'll find ourselves next to the right people for us.


Thinking Differently,


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