Covid-19 Diary Entry 6-23-20

Journal Entry 6-23-20

Society seems to be getting tenser with socializing. I personally haven't made any new friends since this whole quarantine happened. I'm not sure, but I'm fairly sure the majority of people are in the same situation. We all are trying to form stronger bonds with those we were in connection with before covid. This will undoubtedly spur worse mental health conditions in America. To what extent we will come to find out.


The virus has spread to almost 9.5 million cases worldwide and 475,000+ dead. With this many people infected it seems almost inevitable that most people in the world will become infected. Especially with the vaccine years away and we're only a few months into quarantining and it's still spreading exponentially. I don't think people realize this either. It seems that we can't be sure of what is happening when our enemy is invisible.


Today I went to the DMV to get my registration done and it was kinda surreal what our "new normal" is like now. Everything is slowed down and distanced. Productivity has sunk and plateaued to an unsustainable condition. I know our economy can't survive at this pace, especially with all the money that has been injected into the economy and stock market. The federal reserve can't keep up and we're strapped to an anchor in the ocean.


Anyways, enough of that fatalistic stuff. Life has been pretty good lately, actually better than ever. All my bills are paid and I'm still getting more money this month. I've made more in these past 6 months than I did all last year. I've prioritized my goals and I'm on track to getting my software made and learning more psychology while keeping financially afloat.


Oh lastly, it seems there is a new mutation with covid called D614G? That name just sounds evil so we'll see what happens with that...


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