Covid-19 Diary Entry 6-8-20

Journal Entry 6-8-20

Today I was off early from work, currently have a black eye (long story) so it's nice to just be home right now and not freaking out the general public. Today there are news stories popping up on how the virus might have actually started last summer, possibly as early as September due to satellite images showing an extreme uptick in cars parked in hospital parking lots for 2018 compared to 2019.

Now comes the speculation part. Does this mean the virus isn't as deadly as previously thought? Or perhaps this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of hidden information and truth. We know we are not told the entire truth, but what can we possibly guess is the closest version of the truth?


Protests are still continuing and the curfews are still being enforced by helicopters flying overhead at about 7 pm every day. Very Orwellian.


I've started reading the E Myth by Michael E. Gerber, and it's very eye-opening in that I should start budgeting and recording everything in my business. More to the point I have to start creating a rigid process for every operation in the business so that the business can be scaled. Right now everything is me and me is everything in regards to the business, which is obviously not scalable.


Balancing the entrepreneur, the manager, and the technician as coined by the book, is not as easy as it looks like on paper. However, I see the path I need to take and I think I can do it.


I recently watched the movie Taxi Driver, or not all of it, but most. It creeped me out too much to continue...also why is it that movies always depict the crazy people as writing diaries? Really made me question whether I'm crazy too haha journals are great for record and historical keeping. Especially in one's life where they're trying to achieve a goal, it's important to maintain a cohesive timeline of what is happening.


In other news, one of my customers today told me there is going to be a shortage of cars soon so I guess I'll try to expedite the whole buying a van thing. Crazy times we're in.


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