Covid-19 Diary Entry 7-1-20

Journal Entry 7-1-20


So today is the first day of July! 7 months into the year and the virus is getting more serious. Now just about 200,000 new cases are being reported worldwide each day, however, deaths are still hovering between 3,000 and 5,000 a day. It seems to be getting ever more dangerous to go outside. Thankfully the only times I go out are for work and small errands to resupply on food and work supplies. I think I'll start using Amazon deliveries more often to limit my dependence on retail stores.


It really does seem that things are getting worse and people are starting to notice. Every county surround San Diego County has reinstated their lockdown procedures, but all of this seems futile honestly. I mean by the end of march we were at 1 million cases and 3 months later we're at 10 million. It is increasing logarithmically and that means if things stay increasing the way they are now, by October over 100 million will be infected and by 2021, 1 billion...


This is an interesting time to be a young adult. It seems that my responsibilities are growing exponentially as well as I am now looking at how to take care of myself and potentially those around me. Fourth of July is just in a few days, but it seems like an afterthought right now. Most firework shows are shut down and all outside venues are enforcing masks and social distancing. What is there to really celebrate right now?


Work is going well for me and I'm getting more consistent with my alternative work besides the car detailing, but honestly, I don't know how long businesses have left. I paid off my student debt to my university so if I can get the funds for financial aid and the Pell Grant, then I'll be okay financially for the rest of the year. However, if like said before things continue their exponential growth, by the end of the year 15% of the world will have this disease.


It seems to compromise the immune system and neurological function. I suspect one of my favorite psychologists Dr. Jordan Peterson got the virus later last year as he reported double pneumonia (both lungs).


I'm considering turning these blog posts into vlogs, it seems helpful to show my actual concern during all this on-camera...


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